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This page describes our policy regarding data collected in our app TV Ubach over Worms.

TL;DR: We never collect personal data ourselves and only use services that have collected personal data with your explicit consent.

Collected data


TV Ubach over Worms collects anonymous usage data through Firebase Analytics to investigate which trends there are among users. Crash information using Fabric and Firebase Crashlytics allows us to research prevalent problems and better understand what triggers them. Outside of the standard analytics data, only generic actions are transmitted, such as the screen being viewed. None of the data provided can be resolved to an individual.

User reviews

In the case of user reviews on Google Play, data you have consented to share with Google is shared with Google only. TV Ubach over Worms does not have access to personal data, outside of the display name you have consented to sharing publicly when publishing a review. You may receive a reply to a review which is sent to you by email from Google, however your email address itself is not revealed, stored or in any other way processed by TV Ubach over Worms.

The same applies to reviews made in the Apple App Store.

Crash reporting

In the case of crash reporting, some information concerning the device is visible, such as make and model, free storage space and memory available. All data is non-personal that cannot be used to identify you. Information such as your email address, identity, IP-address, MAC-address, Bluetooth device name, etc., are not collected.

Services used

All-in Tennis Academy uses the following services which are GDPR compliant:



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